The Rules & MORE. [PLEASE READ!]

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The Rules & MORE. [PLEASE READ!]

Post by Tee Wee on Sun May 31, 2015 9:52 pm


1. Please respect each other! No fighting, arguing, name-calling, rude comments, offensive comments, etc. The Fosters family is diverse and filled with people with different minds, views, and appearances. Don't be rude!
Disciplinary actions taken: Ban for 1 day(s)

2. No posting someone's picture without their permission. If you are caught doing so you will be banned. You are not allowed to post pictures of someone they have not posted themselves. P.S. There is a "Post Your Pictures" thread for those who would like to share pictures with the forum! Smile
Disciplinary actions taken: Ban for 7 days(s)

3. Signatures as a guideline should be no bigger than 550x550 to avoid stretching the board and making things difficult to read.
Disciplinary actions taken: ONE warning, Ban for 1 day(s)

4. Last but not least have FUN! This forum was made to connect fans of the The Fosters! Make friends, discuss things you want to share, create games we can all participate in and just share The Foster love! Smile
Disciplinary actions taken: None


1. How to Turn-OFF Email notifications:
I know this is annoying! Turning this feature off is very simple. Smile
In the navigation bar at the top click "Profile"
Then click "Notifications"

Head down to the bottom of the screen until you see "Unmark all"
All the check marks should disappear and you should no longer receive notifications via e-mail. Also you may choose that to receive certain notifications via e-mail if you wish.

If this does not work, please contact me and let me know!

2. How to change your avatar (Main picture beside your name)
In the navigation bar at the top click "Profile"
Then click "Avatar"

You may upload a picture yourself, celeb, cartoon, musician, etc. You also may add a photo via image link! (example: via Tumblr, Tinypic, Imgur, Photobucket, etc.)

If you want to upload a GIF as an avatar it is recommend to add your avatar via image link!

Copy + paste the link in the "Link to an off-site Avatar :" field.

3. Add YouTube/Dailymotion video

To add Youtube videos, use this code:

To add Dailymotion videos, use this code:

There are also "YouTube" and "DailyMotion" icons you can simply click and just past the video's URL for your convenience! Smile

4. Adding signatures (Photos, links, etc. that will follow your posts)
Signatures are photos, links, text (whichever you choose) that will follow your post!


As you see, it is separated via " _______________ " your signature will be under each post you make on the forum.

You also can add the option to not attach your signature to each posts. And you also may disable ALL signatures from posting. This would mean you no longer see signatures from anyone on the forum.

Navigation >>> Profile >>> Preferences

How to change signatures:
In the navigation bar at the top click "Profile"
Then click "Signature"

You may add text, pictures, GIF pictures, whatever you like! Smile

Any questions or need help with something that's not in this list? Visit the helping section of the forum here:

And create a new topic! Smile

Also, try FAQs which is located in the top navigation bar as well! Enjoy your stay

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